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Model #17.250W Wall Mounting Hardware

SKU: 17.250W
Weight: 2 lbs
Wall mounting hardware for the 17W Mustee UTILATUB®.
Packaging is 18" x 8" x 2"
Ships UPS.
Price: $39.96
Model #17.250W Wall Mounting Hardware
Model #17.250W Wall Mounting Hardware
Product Details
All the necessary hardware to mount your Mustee 17W UTILATUB® to the wall. 
Easy to fasten wall plate with lag screws included. 
Will fasten to various wall types; wood walls, cement/masonry walls, typical stud walls, etc.
List of hardware included: Wall mounting bracket, molded side filler right and left, Expandit plastic wall, hex head lag screws, flat washer, rubber drain stop, nylon rivet, slip nut washer, slip joint nut.