DURASTALL® Shower Stalls

Few in-home enhancements are more useful or appreciated than an extra shower. And if that home improvement is on your “to-do” list, then shop smart and purchase a free-standing DURASTALL® Shower Stall “in a box” from Mustee.

Full-featured, sturdy, quality-built and handsomely finished, DURASTALL® is a complete shower stall in one package that assembles easily and looks great no matter where installed…with it be a finished or unfinished basement, pool side, in a vacation cabin or anywhere else.

So, when you’re ready to add the benefits and convenience of an extra free-standing shower, make the smart money choice and specify or buy a DURASTALL® Shower Stall, exclusively from E.L. Mustee & Sons, Inc.

Mustee DURASTALL® Shower Stalls Complete Shower in a Box!

DURASTALL® Features Include...

DURASTALL® Free-Standing Shower Stalls and Enclosures

Model 80 & 82

Model 25 Premier 32"x32"

Model 140 & 142

Model 10 Premier 36"x36"

Model 30

Model 10C Deluxe 30"x30"

Model 68

Model 20Economy 32"x32"

Shower Doors

Model 10CFit All DURASTALL® Shower Stalls